Submission Info

Please fill out the following form for each submission. Be sure to read the “Submission Guidelines” below the form.

Email submissions to

You can also download the Submission Form (pdf) to print and submit with hard copies.

Submission Guidelines

Required for submissions

  • Double-spaced (except poetry), 11pt or 12pt standard font
  • Do NOT share as a Google Doc file or PDF file
  • Special formatting (italics, etc) only if that is the intended effect
  • Entire works submitted in italics will be unitalicized
  • NO watermarks; NO Google Drive shares
  • CMYK for all digital submissions
  • Digital submissions must be high resolution (300ppi)
  • Hard copies can be physical media or on USB drive

Preferred for submissions

  • .docx format, emailed
  • Acceptable fonts: Arial, Calibri, Times New Roman
  • CMYK .tiff format for photographs
  • .pdf format press quality for digital work (CMYK)
  • .mov for film / animation
  • .aiff or .mp3 for audio