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Volume 42, Issue #2: Bootleg

From Speakeasy to cancer patients, there’s something in this issue for everyone!

In the spring of 2020, the entire country experienced difficulty that pushed the limits of our ability to improvise. In March, when we began to assemble the Volume 42, Issue 2 of the NMC Magazine, we received notice that campus would be shutting down for the rest of the semester. We then decided to hold off on publishing the issue until Fall semester. We all got through the summer months with COVID-19 spiking, riots, and desperate news every day. In the Fall semester, we again were trying something new: a fully digital issue. This would allow the very talented design staff to work as remotely as possible while creating a high quality magazine that would be to our standards. Yet the experience of producing a magazine remotely led to some new challenges. After almost a year of working tirelessly to put this issue out in the safest manner possible, we are finally publishing Bootleg,

Enjoy this issue of the NMC Magazine as we explore the topic of Bootleg, with stories and art ranging from prohibition era to literal ‘boot legs’ to stories about resilience and growth. This issue also includes audio recordings of almost all the lit pieces, which increases accessibility and gave us the chance to work with the talented audio department at NMC.

This issue is available digitally on Issuu.

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