Fall 2019: Creatures

Kami, Kraken, and dinosaurs—oh my!

Volume 42, Issue 1

Cryptids creeping in the dark.
Monsters lurking within.
A feel-good furry friend.
Whatever your creature, share it
with us in the form of art, design,
essay, fiction, illustration, nonfiction,
photography, poetry, sculpture, and more.

Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are all
welcome to submit their creation to NMC Magazine.

The deadline for submissions is Friday, October 18.

Send in your submission* to nmcmag@mail.nmc.edu. Hard copies can be delivered to Fine Arts (attn: Caroline Schaefer-Hills) or Scholars Hall 214 (attn: Alissia Lingaur). Visit the submission info page to complete a submission form with each entry.

*Submissions unaccompanied by completed submission forms will not be considered for publication.


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