Spring 2016: What If?

Submission Deadline is Monday March 14, 2016

Our minds are always considering every possibility—what if? This semester NMC Magazine explores hypothetical changes in major societal events and ideas: political, historical, technological, religious, cultural, etc. What if Einstein was never born? What if cars could fly? What if the written word could transform the course of history? Through your art, what if you could visually alter the human perspective?

Let your imaginations delve into the realm of “What If?” through your creations. Send us your stories, poems, articles, illustrations, photos, film, artwork, or designs by Monday, March 14, 2016. All designs submitted will be changed into duotone (two color).

Submit hard copies to:
Communications Office: Scholars Hall, Attn: Alissia Lingaur OR
Humanities Office: Fine Arts, Attn: Caroline Shaefer-Hills.
Email submissions to nmcmag@mail.nmc.edu.
Be sure to attach the Submission Form.
We are looking forward to your submissions!


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